Pigeon Transit Heroes

Do you have what it takes?

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Who is a Transit Hero?

A Transit Hero is someone who wants to make public transportation better for everyone and regularly contributes helpful or interesting info in the Pigeon app… maybe someone like you!

What is the Transit Hero program?

The Transit Hero program is a way for Pigeon to reward you (and others like you) for making public transit and Pigeon better for everyone. We’re looking for rockstar commuters and expert city travelers who frequently use Pigeon and feel passionate about making public transportation better for everyone.

What would I do?

  • Make smoother rides for fellow riders by contributing your expert knowledge to the Pigeon app.
  • Get an insider peek and provide feedback on new features in Pigeon.
  • Alert the Pigeon team when something’s not right in the app - like a closed station or planned work.
  • Be an advocate for public transportation and Pigeon by sharing invites with friends, family, coworkers and even your fellow subway commiserators during a long delay.
  • Share a testimonial so we can show other transit riders how Pigeon can help them.

What would I get?

  • Free swag throughout the year so you can rep your Transit Hero status… so much swag you’ll wonder if your Pigeon-purple mug, Pigeon-purple bag, and Pigeon-purple mug beanie are too matchy all together.
  • Access to office hours with a Pigeon Community Manager and a private online community where you can ask questions about the app, see upcoming features and make suggestions of your own.
  • An opportunity to meet up with the Pigeon team other Transit Heroes at the Google NYC campus.

Sounds good! How do I start?

Fill out this form to apply for the program and we’ll be in touch!