Commute better, together

Pigeon takes the stress out of commuting in NYC with the most up-to-date subway info powered by New Yorkers like you.

Choose the best route for you.

Save all your favorite routes to and from work and let Pigeon tell you which route is best every day.

Know what’s happening right now.

Pigeon keeps you in the know with instant updates from people reporting issues, live arrival times, and a map showing you real-time train locations.

Make the ride better, together.

Report the delays and crowds you experience while commuting and join a growing community that helps keep NYC moving everyday.

Favorite Pigeon Features

Personalized Routes

Choose the best routes for you.

Station and Line Info

More details to keep you in-the-know.

Moving Trains

See updating train locations.

User Reports

Report delays, crowds, and incidents.

Arrival Times

Check train arrival times for any station.


Get live alerts from the community.


Pigeon is an iOS app that helps NYC subway goers choose their best routes using live reports from other riders, taking time—and stress—out of daily commutes.
After years of living in New York City and commuting on the subway, the Pigeon team knows first-hand that public transit can be frustratingly unpredictable. So when we started this project, we decided to create a product that lets subway riders help each other avoid delays, crowds, and incidents that make can make commuting so stressful.
Pigeon is lovingly designed and built by a small team based in New York as a part of Area 120-a workshop for experimental products. For the Pigeon team, being a part of Area 120 means we have the opportunity to create a new, experimental product that we can continuously test and improve to make sure it’s something that our users love. For our users, it means you get a chance to experience our app in its earliest stages and help shape the product as it grows.
Pigeon’s dream is to make it easier to get around all cities. But, since Pigeon is new and the team still has a lot to learn, we decided to start “small” in our own backyard of NYC: home to the (in)famous subway system. We think starting here will help us figure out what works and what doesn’t as we move toward this goal. So while we wish we could launch everywhere right away, we’ll be focused on New York for the near future.
We’re currently focused on learning and testing with iOS users in NYC, so we don’t have immediate plans to launch on Android. Please sign up for our Android waitlist to be notified when it becomes available.

Make the ride better together

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