The Crowdsourced Transit App

Avoid delays, crowds, and disruptions with accurate info and live updates from other riders.

Know first about delays, crowds, construction, and more

Pigeon alerts you first with real-time reports from fellow riders.

Choose the best route for you

Whether you prefer speed or comfort, Pigeon will help you determine the best route with our accurate duration, live status, and real-time crowd info.

Spend less time waiting at your stop

Check the real-time subway and bus arrivals so you know if you have time to get a coffee.

Be a transit hero

Report issues while riding the subway and join a growing community that helps keep NYC moving everyday.

What People Are Saying

Future of Transportation

"Pigeon has changed the way I commute and think about transportation. It’s like having eyes on the entire system before I even walk into the subway. The future of transportation is here and it’s connected to everyone."

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Finding Better Routes

"I don't get on the subway anymore without checking Pigeon first - many times I've found a better route thanks to recent reports from other awesome Pigeons!"

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Stress-free Commuting

"Commuting from Flatbush to the East Village every day can be stressful. Now that I have Pigeon I’m able to plan exactly how much time I need and know that other users have my back if there are hiccups along the way."

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Pigeon is a crowdsourced transit app that helps public transit riders choose the best route; avoiding delays, crowds, and other common disruptions and taking time—and stress—out of daily commutes. Pigeon is part of Area 120, Google’s workshop for experimental projects.
Pigeon Transit is made up of a team of New Yorkers who believe in public transit, and see an exciting opportunity to use crowdsourcing to make it better. Subways, buses, rails and ferries are the lifeblood of New York City, but continue to be a source of frustration for daily commuters. Pigeon believes it can substantially improve daily commuting with real-time, crowdsourced data contributed by riders for riders.
Pigeon is lovingly designed and built by a small team based in New York as a part of Google’s Area 120, a workshop for experimental products.
Pigeon’s dream is to make it easier to get around all cities. But we decided to start in our own backyard of NYC: home to the largest public transit ridership in the US and the subway system that we all know and love. We'll be expanding to other US and international cities in the future!
We’re currently focused on learning and testing with iOS users, but we hope to bring Pigeon to Android soon. Please sign up for our Android waitlist to be notified when it becomes available.